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Join a marketplace where nearly 50 million buyers shop for unique items

Low Fees

Its free to list your items and once you make a sale, Ohixx transaction fee is just 5%

Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Support 24/7

With 24/7 customer support, we're always here to assist you with any questions or concerns

Register and list your products

  • Register your business for free and create a product catalogue. Get free training on how to run your online business
  • Our Ohixx Advisors will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online

Receive orders and sell your product

  • Easily receive orders and manage your sales through our user-friendly platform.
  • Sell your products to a wider audience and expand your business reach with our platform.

Package and ship with ease

  • Efficiently package and ship your products with our streamlined fulfillment process.
  • Ensure smooth delivery of your products to customers with our reliable shipping options.

Get payments and grow your business

  • Easily receive payments and manage your finances with our secure payment gateway.
  • Grow your business with our platform by expanding your customer base and increasing sales.


Affordable, transparent, and secure

It doesn’t cost a thing to list up to 100 items a month, and you only pay after your stuff sells.
It’s just a small percent of the money you earn

Listing Fee
Final Value Fee

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • Experience the added benefit of complimentary promotional services to enhance the visibility and sales of your products.
  • Connect with a vast community of shoppers in Bangladesh
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your stuff.
We process payments with 2checkout, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods including mobile banking. Funds from 2checkout sales on Ohixx will be deposited into your Bank account.


Here are some common questions about selling on Ohixx

How do fees work on Martfury?

Ohixx offers a user-friendly platform for individuals and businesses to open and operate online shops. The process of joining and starting a shop on the platform is free of charge.

Additionally, Ohixx only charges basic selling fees, which include a transaction fee for each successful sale. The listing of an item on the platform lasts for four months or until the item is sold. Upon the sale of an item, Ohixx charges a transaction fee of 5% on the sale price, exclusive of shipping costs.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

Creating a shop on Ohixx is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a few simple steps. To begin, it is necessary to have an Ohixx account, which can be easily set up if you do not already have one.

Once your account is established, you can then proceed to set your shop location, choose a unique shop name and URL, and select a preferred method of payment for transactions. By following these steps, you will have successfully created your own online shop on Ohixx, and will be ready to start listing and selling your items.

How do I get paid?

Ohixx offers a variety of options for sellers to receive payment for their sales. One of the most commonly used options is through Bank. When you accept payments with Bank, the funds from your sales on Ohixx will be deposited directly into your bank account. This method is safe and secure.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

Creating a shop on Ohixx does not require a credit or debit card. The process of setting up a shop is free, and there are no charges incurred until a sale is made. Once a sale is made, Ohixx will charge a transaction fee of 5% on the price of the product sold, as standard practice. This fee is applied to cover the costs of operating the platform and providing the necessary services for sellers and buyers. It is important to note that this transaction fee will be applied only after a successful sale is made and will be deducted from the sale price.

What can I sell on Ohixx?

Ohixx is a marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to sell a wide variety of items. The platform is suitable for selling a range of products, including but not limited to fashion, home decor, electronics, art, collectibles, and many more.

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